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Further In Flight Entertainment

J'avais prévu un petit "topo" sur ces 2 compilations parues respectivement en 1996 et 1997 chez Deram. Ce post fait suite au volume 1 proposé par Endlessmike sur son annexe (voir le lien sur Sounds Of Champaign). Je crois bien que c'est par ces 2 compiles, que j'ai été convaincu par le très galvaudé terme "easy listening". Moins "easy" mais plus "listening", la séléction des titres ici est très bien établie et donne une très bonne vue d'ensemble de ce qui pouvait se faire de bien à l'époque du "swinging london"... Source: cd-r

In Flight Entertainment Vol.2 [Further in Flight Entertainment]
© 1997 Deram Records

01. Tommy Kinsman - Hully Gully
02. Brigitte Bardot & Alain Guoraguer Orchestra - Je Danse Donc Je Suis
03. Pete Moore Orchestra - Fat Man
04. Birds & Brass - Sort Of Soul
05. Peter Lovent Band - Watermelon Man
06. Max Gregor - Soul House
07. Don Sebesky - Soul Lady
08. Usha Uthup & Chorus - One Two Cha Cha Cha
09. Tony Osborne's 3 Brass Buttons - Soul Street
10. Ray Mc Vay & Orchestra - 2001- A Space Odyssey
11. Birds & Brass - American Woman
12. J. Girls - Yellow World
13. France Gall - Teenie Weenie Boppie
14. Don Sebesky - Reflectivity
15. Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - Stars And Rockets
16. Kitty - Baby Let`s Dance Together
17. Big Jim Sullivan - Sunshine Superman
18. Tony Osborne's 3 Brass Buttons - Brass `n` Ivory
19. Don Sebesky - The Distant Galaxy
20. Mort Garson - Easy To Be Hard


Bonjour Chez Vous!

7 Responses to “Further In Flight Entertainment”

  1. # Anonymous Anonyme

    it's the best I can do at my old age: Merci!!!  

  2. # Blogger EndlessMike

    Thanks so much for this. I'm enjoying this blog, despite the fact I can't speak French. As Muse said: merci!!!  

  3. # Blogger Tex

    Thank you very much for this excellent easytempo soundtrack.
    I like your blog a lot.. just discovered the reply button :-)
    Cheers, Tex  

  4. # Blogger benito x

    Thanks, I've been after this for years!
    If you want the fourth (& I think the last) Karminsky Experience compilation you can now find it at Realm of |X| here:

    Decca Presents: DIG IT! The Sound of Phase 4 Stereo

    You can also find recently posted
    Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger: London '64-'67


  5. # Blogger Miss F

    What an intensely gorgeous album, full of scintillating sax, hot flashy rhythms, exotic lounge embellishments, good piano cheer, moog vitality, and fun… splendid harmonies of jazz and lounge funk guaranteed to tweak your nerves aNd soul~

    Am0ng the best tracks are Fat man by Peter Moore orchestra and the huge and brassy “ Watermelon Man” with an array of pretty voices to send you straight to Nirvana.

    “Sort of Soul” by Birds n Brass is a hypnotic dance funk with lovely chorus and phat, phat beats!

    “Soul house” by mac gregor, is a wonderfully addictive treat!!! The Cha-cha-cha is superb cheddar sung by an Italian mama-san in the depths of passion and ecstasy, a dazzling showcase of happiness in the swingin sixties with sitar. Tony Osborne’s orchestral funk and dazzling piano playing extremely satisfies!

    “Baby let’s Dance Together” by Kitty is An over-the-top, splendidly produced affair that perfectly mingles soulful singing with exotic funk, this song should be a classic~ easily as great as the masterpieces of Brian Auger and Julie Driscoll.

    The whole shebang ends with an unexpected “easy to be Hard” by Mort Garson, a short dreamy Moog piece that illustrates how an angel descended from heaven would play electronica.

    Over all, a near-perfect array of track after track of gro0o0o0vy lounge and jazz/orchestra funk of the top 5 albums I mined from your blog!  

  6. # Anonymous Anonyme

    Hello, I missed the share in February. Could you please make it available again? Thanks!  

  7. # Blogger Mr B

    bonjour n.6

    pourrais tu reposter cette compil qui a l'air d'etre une belle tuerie.;


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