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La Face C de Sounds Of Champaign un laboratoire d'envies sonores spontanées et d'expression libre...

Bientôt sur...vos écrans et dans vos oreilles,
Soon on...your screens and through your ears,

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  1. # Anonymous badburt

    Cool, Space 1999 was a great Sci-Fi series, and the music was excellent too.  

  2. # Blogger number06

    Bravo Badburt! Yes, Space 1999 was a library music store too! with "the prisoner" my fave Sci-Fi series from my childhood. Coming soon, very soon...A home product, a trip product, souvenirs...

    Be Seeing You!  

  3. # Anonymous Bill.H in Ohio

    I am a big fan of Space:1999. It was a fun experience. I loved the music. Also I love The Prisoner and The Avengers. Great Blog Number06!!! Please visit mine.  

  4. # Blogger Miss F

    Thanks a lot for the FURTHER IN FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT share, I just posted my commEnts there. I had to say thanks agaIn heRe for fear that you won't geT 2 reaD it.  

  5. # Blogger number06

    Thank you miss f, you're right i'm not looking often to old archives, and i'm not informed about new comments...hope you enjoy your flight entertainment !

    Be Seeing You !  

  6. # Blogger Miss F

    I just p0sted new coMMents to the GRANTBY COFFEE table music. I've been D0ing nothing aLL weeK but listen to my "sounds of champaiGn" mp3 cd (full of shares from you)!!!! i love you, your blog, music, and life!  

  7. # Blogger number06

    Many thanks miss F for these sweet and nice comments, seems to be the right place here, under the trees from Piri to read something from you ! I discovered Grantby 8 years ago, a mysterious duo ( Dan Grigson & Stephen Cracknell ) melting and mixing « spying »
    sounds in their kind of atmospheric hip-hop ! I’ve never heard this « mixture » elsewhere…You’re right, the music is most meditative and melancholic ( in fact, kind of music i like so much ). A real good alternative and an « Original Soundtrack » for all day life ! I looked to your blog – Fruity Fredda - recently, and find the illustrated pictures very fine, refreshing and…charming ! Just hope to be more attentioned about your writing ( because i’m french and i don’t understand everything ) . I’ll add a link on Side-2. Enjoy the sounds of Champaign even if far away from France, & hope to hear from you…why not…maybe here…under the trees from Piri…

    Be Seeing You !  

  8. # Blogger Miss F

    hello number06, indeed the grantby music is a real good all-day sountrack to Life.

    electronic muSic can be so dehumanizing and alienating sometimes- the lack of melodies, human preseNce, souL, a kind of cynical ir0nic attitude to life that is so postm0dern and "WesterN".

    that's why i love darkly melodic affairs like Grantby- for me it is like a timeless and universal reacti0n/c0mmentary to the fragmented and alienating w0rld- their mysterious, dark, subtly hyper-real (surreal?) ambience suits this urban madness so perfectly, as th0ugh the musicians are dark shad0ws in the mo0nlight- like you said "spying" - and br00ding and serenading the empty nigHt.

    anyway my point here is that, they're awes0me because their music has emotion and souL (even though these em0tions are not very "happy", it is actually sadness and madness)

    thaNKS Again for the great music.

    and thanks for visiting my Blog, ^^ i am gLad that you can just look at the artw0rks, which transcend the english language's limitati0ns. ^^*

    y0ur Filipina frieNd w/ charming artworks in her bLog,

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